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10.00MHz @Aluminium

Aluminum has quite low acoustic impedance for a metal, so a significant amount of the sound energy will penetrate aluminum. Also the sound attenuation is relatively low in aluminum as other metal.

A 10.00MHz transducer is quite high for use in NDT and works best for detecting small flaws like small cracks, or for inspection of thin metal – f.ex. adhesive joints.

TRM Used: TRM-DA-10.00MHz

Aluminum Corrosion

This is a step wedge sample that has the following characteristics:

  • Simulated/drilled corroded area with different size pitting corrosion.
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Aluminum Hole

Step wedge sample:

  • Different size and depth flat bottom holes and round bottom holes.
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Aluminum Slice

Step wedge sample

  • Different size slices/cracks in bottom.
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Aluminum Step Wedge

Step wedge sample

  • Steps at different depths.
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