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3.5MHz @CFRP (Carbon fiber)

CFRP is a very strong but light-weight material. The acoustic impedance is quite low, so a lot of the ultrasound does penetrate the CFRP depending on the surface of the CFRP (rough surface spreads the sound at penetration, smooth surface transports the sound well).

The attenuation can be high in CFRP, depending on the quality of CFRP. Layer thickness and porosity level affect how much the ultrasound is spread and attenuated.

The 3.5MHz transducer is an excellent choice for CFRP applications, as the frequency is low enough to travel through CFRP but still high enough to get a great resolution of your inspection results. This transducer is approved and recommended to be used within both the aerospace and automotive industry for CFRP inspection.

TRM Used: TRM-AF-3.50MHz – Delay line: 8mm Aqualene 320

Impact Damage

5mm high quality monolithic CFRP flat panel from the aerospace industry.

It has the following characteristics:

  • Impacted with a spherical bolt with 60-80 Joule force in a test lab.
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CFRP Step Wedge Airbus

It has the following characteristics:

  • Milled CFRP step wedge with different size flat bottom holes in different depths.
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