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2.50MHz @GFRP (glass fiber)

GFRP or glass fiber is usually very attenuative material. Therefore, a low frequency TRM gives better results. We recommend 2.5MHz or lower frequency for GFRP applications. For very thick GFRP (> 25mm / 1 inch), we recommend either using a water-box as delay or no delay-line (works for flat surfaces and you will lose some near surface resolution).

TRM used: TRM-BE-2.50Mz – No delay line.

Spar cap and shear web
(REF-STD-2-127-1-73-SNL-1 )

This is a spar cap and shear web of a wind turbine blade.

  • Thicknesses up to 45.72mm (1.8 inches).
  • Dis-bonds in adhesive layer
  • Micro-balloons / delamination
  • Mold release, grease, contamination
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Windblade laminate
(FGB-1, FGB-2, FGB-3 , FGB-4)

Wind turbine blade specimen with different depth flat bottom wholes.

It has the following characteristics:

  • 45mm (1.8 inches) thick.
  • 38mm (1.5 inches) diameter flat bottom wholes.
  • Depths 10mm – 45mm (0,40” – 1,8”).
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Spar cap (Wind-3-110-SPAR-150)

This is a simple spar cap with flat bottom holes in different diameters and depths.

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